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The story of White Mamba

White Mamba, pronounced White Máhmba, is the only albino-crossing of the mamba and the cobra in the world. In the world. It was born in the medieval times, which would make it approximately 1567 years old now, but don’t call us a liar for a couple of years difference. Though it is a fact there’s only one White Mamba and its age reaches far beyond any other living being on earth. And in spite of all these years the Mamba is not a big anaconda-like snake, in fact, it’s about as big as an adults arm. Then again, it has been seen to grow 9 times it’s own size when cornered or attacked and can spray venom – with a poignant scent of lime leaf, coriander and cardamom – as far as 30 ft.

A witchdoctor in Tanzania claims to have the deadly substance in a little brown glassed bottle with a 24K golden label, albeit he’s never been seen with the actual flask. The White Mamba was last seen on the island of Sri Lanka in a Treehouse, however there’s no-one who can confirm this. If you need this story to be more palpable, whenever you order the White Mamba, use the right pronunciation and perhaps you’ll feel or even see it.



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