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Green Bullet - IPA

Green Bullet - IPA

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"A floral IPA with a mild bitterness and loads of flavor" 

Grab two of these fine brews. Find your nemesis. Give him one bottle. Stand back to back. Walk ten steps apart. Turn around simultaneously. Pop me open simultaneously. Now drink simultaneously. Cheers.

India Pale Ale
33 cl
Alcohol %:
bevat gluten (Gerst, Haver, Tarwe)
Aantal 12 of 24 stuks


The Story of the Green Bullet

You probably think Billy the Kid was the quickest damn gun-slinger of the Wild West you’d ever seen. Well then let us inform you about his greatest enemy, Green Bullet. One of the most wanted individuals in the country. He got this name after killing a pack of train robbers, who were hiding behind a cluster of cacti. He managed to shoot each and every last one them through the cacti with his left hand while riding two horses at the same time. By the time the deputy sheriff found the robbers the bullets in their bodies had turned green. Hence the name, Green Bullet. But let us also tell you why he was Billy’s greatest nemesis.

Frankly, it’s very simple. He did everything a little better, or worse, than The Kid. Billy is known to have killed eight men. Bullet killed nine. Billy’s first crime was stealing food on September 16, 1875. Bullet stole an apple on September 15th. The first time Billy was put in jail he escaped after 2 days. Bullet managed to escape within 36 hours. Basically everything that The Kid did, was already done. And done way better. So just remember, whenever you’re drinking a Green Bullet, you’re drinking an IPA that’s just a little better than other IPA’s.


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