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Tropical Ralphie - Weizen

Tropical Ralphie - Weizen

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"A fruit basket in a glass"

Aloha! My name is Ralphie. I like wearing red speedo’s, doing roundhouse kicks and saying Aloha. I’m difficult tropical in de widest sense of the word. Do you want to be my friend?

33 cl
Alcohol %:
bevat gluten (Gerst, Tarwe)   
Aantal 12 of 24 stuks


The story of Tropical Ralphie

Now here’s a story you’d better grab a chair for. This one’s a real goosebumps giver. Great mystery lurks behind this living hero. The black-belt pineapple-t-shirt wearer started working for TCB in 2015. And is living the brand ever since. Although his recent past already sounds jealous-makingly good – how many men can say they have a beer named after them? – it’s his distant past that shaped this man into the tropical man he is now. For he is the world’s most influential influence on Street Fighter’s Ryu. It is because of Tropicals inspirational motivation that Ryu made it to the 1987 arcade game. And once he takes off his shirt you’ll immediately see why. 20 years of practicing martial arts has gone into the red-speedo wearing body. 20 years. That’s right ladies. 20 years. But let’s stay on track.

Training Ryu: without Tropical Ralphie, Ryu would just be a sad ripoff of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And he’s not even a turtle. Without Tropical Ralphie, Ryu would have turned into a window washer with a red bandana. Without Tropical Ralphie, Ryu would just…well you get the point. Did we mention the amount of years of pumping iron that went into the torso of Tropical Ralphie?


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